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Constituency Map

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Glenrothes MP constituency. Created for the 2005 general election. The seat is currently held by Lindsay Roy, of the Scottish Labour party with 62% of the votes. The polls show that this majority will drop post referendum & with Labours lack of a credible solution to the economy.

Facts about Glenrothes

  • Glenrothes was built in 1948 as a post Second World War town.
  • Built to house miners for the newly established coal mine, the Rothes Colliery. Name of the new town is called Glenrothes. The valley of Rothes.
  • Rothes is a name that comes from the Earls of Rothes who owned much of the land.
  • Fife is the largest countryside county in Scotland & the 11th biggest in the UK.
  • Glenrothes won the “large town” category in the  Royal Horticultural  Society Britain in Bloom award in 2011.
  • Won “best kept large town” and “most Clean,sustainable and beautiful community” in Scotland in the beautiful Scotland competition in 2010.
  • It has a Kingdom Centre shopping mall, and 3 High Schools, Auchmuhty High School, Glenwood High School, and Glenrothes High School, as well as 13 primary schools.
  • The council bases itself at the town making it have the highest civil service percentage of population per capita.

Famous Fifers

Famous Fifers (as we are known) are being birthed in our schools every year. With the right education & opportunity we can have more stars, nobel prize winners, professors, sports personalities etc to make our towns & villages proud. We need to make our communities fertile ground to nourish success & brilliance in our children & youth. Some great examples below:

  • Robert Adam, architect
  • Robert Moncrieff Aitken (1826–87), Lieutenant in Bengal Infantry, awarded the Victoria Cross
  • Ian Anderson, musician, frontman of Jethro Tull
  • Guy Berryman, bassist from the band Coldplay
  • Sir James Black, pharmacologist and nobel prize winner
  • Martin Grehan, Footballer
  • Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer; current MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath
  • Andrew Carnegie, industrialist and philanthropist
  • Jim Clark, two-times Formula One World Drivers’ Championr
  • Barbara Dickson, singer and actress
  • Philip Charles Durham, captain of HMS Defiance at Trafalgar
  • John Forbes (British Army officer), named the city of Pittsburgh
  • Chris Fusaro, rugby player
  • Thomas Lomar Gray (1850–1908) pioneering work in seismology
  • Peter Horne, rugby player
  • Bob Howie and Dave Howie, rugby players
  • Deborah Knox, Olympic Gold medallist
  • Craig Levein, Scottish former professional footballer and manager
  • Tom Nairn (born 1932), political theorist of nationalism
  • Dr John Philip (1775–1851), missionary in South Africa
  • David Pitcairn (1749–1809), physician
  • William Pitcairn (1712–1791), physician
  • Ian Rankin, writer
  • David Rollo, rugby player
  • Craig Russell (British author), writer
  • Alexander Selkirk, seafarer and inspiration for Robinson Crusoe
  • Sir Jimmy Shand, accordion player
  • Adam Smith, philosopher and economist
  • Jordan Smith, actor
  • John McDouall Stuart (1815–1866), explorer of Australia’s interior
  • William Tennant, scholar and poet
  • John Thomson (footballer), former Celtic F.C goalkeeper
  • Jack Vettriano, artist
  • Sir David Wilkie, painter
  • Alexander Wilson (1714-1786), surgeon, type-founder, astronomer, mathematician and meteorologist
  • James Wilson, signer of US Declaration of Independence, appointed by George Washington to first Supreme Court
  • Douglas Young (1913–1973), poet, scholar, translator; and leader of the Scottish National Party

Fife Community

Election Results

2015 General election results

Voter Turnout: 68.29%

Candidate Name Party Number of Votes
Peter Grant Scottish National Party (SNP) 28459
Jane Ann Liston Scottish Liberal Democrats 892
Alex Stewart Clark Scottish Conservative and Unionst 3685
Melanie Ward Scottish Labour Party 14562

Peter Grant, SNP was declared as the newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the Glenrothes constituency.

2011 Scottish Parliamentary Results

Mid-Fife and Glenrothes Constituency Result

Voter Turnout: 26, 421 (49.2%)

Candidate Name Party Number of Votes
Claire Baker Scottish Labour Party 9573
Callum Leslie Scottish Liberal Democrats 630
Tricia Marwick Scottish National Party (SNP) 13761
Jim Parker All Scotland Pensioners Party 673
Allan David Stewart Smith Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 1676

Tricia Marwick (Scottish National Party (SNP)) elected as MSP for Mid-Fife and Glenrothes Constituency

Published by Alex Stewart Clark.
South Fife Union Association, Courtyard Cottage, Dundas, Southqueensferry, West Lothian EH30 9SP.

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