Alex Stewart-Clark has been selected to stand as the Scottish Conservatives & Unionists candidate in the Mid Fife and Glenrothes constituency in the 2016 May Holyrood Election.

Have driven these since 1985

Have driven these since 1985

Alex grew up on a 400-acre arable farm just north of Kirkliston, on land his family has farmed for the past five generations.

Having grown up on the Forth, Alex wants to secure a stronger and better future for the communities of the Forth. As communities erode, more people are moving away to the cities and looking to Edinburgh and Dundee for employment and leisure opportunities.

Alex wants to change that and put the local towns and villages that are key to the Kingdom of Fife back on the map.

He says: “I can make a difference as your next MSP. Revive our communities and bring back more jobs. Support the Union, keep lower taxes, decentralise our governments which brings back “localism”.

“The only party to date that has reliably kept to this is the Conservative party. That’s why I joined up and that’s why I believe passionately it will do our country good for our children and our children’s children.”

Alex had always vowed he would never go into politics unless he saw “too much injustice in the land”. True to his word, he became involved in politics two years ago when he felt compelled to make a difference in the communities he felt were being most damaged by the SNP.

He has spent a lot of time talking to the local people about the biggest problems facing their area. After carrying out a survey of 2,000 people, he has identified three main categories which he is determined to address if he is elected.

The first is a loss of community. With Post Offices, police stations, local convenience stores and pubs all closing down in the area, there is real concern that the community is being ripped apart. Alex fears Glenrothes will soon become a dormitory town with empty or run-down shops and wants to fight to bring the community back into the town centres.

The second big issue is youth disenfranchisement. Alex believes our future generations are rotting in unemployment and have nothing to do thanks to the SNP council cutting sports coordinators and community liaison officers.

The third issue residents complain about is the lack of a high street. Most people now go to Dundee or Edinburgh to shop. Alex is appalled that the Kingdom Centre is owned by a US pension fund that has no interest in the local community. He wants the council to buy it back so that local leaders can restore the high street for the benefit of the local residents.

Alex says: “We cannot stand by and watch SNP government make more incompetent decisions and drive our police, NHS, education and many more of Scotland’s good institutions to ruin.
“Who will bring the truth and light into bungled government decisions and hold Labour and SNP to account in Fife? I am that person.”

Alex has more than 25 years’ experience as a business owner in the timber distribution and manufacturing sector. His entrepreneurial and leadership skills have transformed a number of small-to-medium size businesses. For the past five years he has developed derelict brownfield sites for the commercial sector.

Understanding the impact of successful businesses in the local community, and the slow pace of land and property, Alex takes an active role in community leadership. He is trustee of Passion Trust, an organisation that supports the resurgence of Passion Plays in the UK, and is also a church pastor.

He is involved in various local and national charities, including the Dundas Foundation, which helps communities in the Lothians, and Orphans International, which helps children in Romanian orphanages. He is the founder of the Passion Trust that brings history arts & culture to city centres.

His voluntary work, both national and international, has focused on helping redress the inequalities in local communities and helping disadvantaged people to access better schooling, housing and job opportunities. He is keen to highlight the importance of charity work that individuals and organisations do to help the needy in the Glenrothes and wider Fife area. Often their good work is below the radar and they need to be promoted and recognised.

He fought in  the May 7th 2015 Westminster general election where the vote marginally increased for the SCU. His small group policy at the CCF Impact course resulted in the government adopting the policy in 2014.

For the first time in 400 years we are seeing Scotland blighted by radical nationalism. He says “The SNP is blinded in its ideals and puts its independence cause above good government policy and free speech”. To combat this, Alex’s vision is to:

• Increase the Conservative vote at Holyrood so that we can be the main party in opposition. The Scottish Conservatives Unionist party (SCU) are the only effective reliable consistent party left to fight the SNP.
• Hold to account the SNP for its inept government decisions.
• To deliver an excellent 2016 Holyrood election campaign to win back Conservative seats.

Published by Alex Stewart Clark.
South Fife Union Association, Courtyard Cottage, Dundas, Southqueensferry, West Lothian EH30 9SP.

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